​​​​​ All items must be clean, odor free, wrinkle free, lint free, and brought in on hangers, in tubs, or shopping bags. Items brought in tubs or shopping bags must be neatly folded. Kelly's Kloset also accepts accessories such as jewelry, shoes, belts, handbags, etc. All items are to be in current style – no more than two years old and...MUST be in excellent condition. Items need to be marketable and READY TO SELL. Kelly's Kloset does not do any "make ready" to sell your items. We do not clean out bags, dust shoes, lint roll items or anything of this nature. We do make sure items meet all criteria to market your items. (earrings must have matching earring backs, excludes fishhook earrings, or a surcharge of 10 cents will be charged to the consignor's account for each pair of backs supplied) Kelly's Kloset accepts Juniors and Ladies sizes 00 – 26/3X and petite sizes. We do not accept heavily starched items, business suits, business blazers, long formal attire, homemade items, lingerie, bridal attire, or furniture. We do accept small home decor items such as small table lamps, pillows, picture frames, etc. (please no large items) Please do not bring items in “trash bags”. All items need to be on hangers, in bins, shopping bags or boxes. Hangers may be returned if requested.

Kelly's Kloset does not accept or list any faux (counterfeit) merchandise. If the Consignor cannot verify the authenticity, and/or there are questions regarding authenticity,  Kelly's Kloset does offer a non-refundable authentication service fee of $20.00. This fee will be paid before listing the product. If the item/items are authentic, an authenticity certificate will be issued to display with the item and a second copy to consignor if requested.

Kelly's Kloset is, in no way, a “donation station” for your unwanted items. Kelly's Kloset will not accept any apparel and/or accessories that do not meet the above criteria. Kelly's Kloset ask that you please not get offended if some or all your items are rejected. Kelly's Kloset has to be very selective on the items we accept for our clients/customers. Kelly's Kloset appreciates your patronage and understanding.

Your carefully selected items may be brought in for consignment by appointment at which time your items will be selected. However, if you choose, after you have established a contract, you may use our “Drop and Dash” service (no appointment necessary) and we will estimate the count of your items, give you a “drop off” receipt and you can dash to your next stop. Any unusable items on drop-offs will be donated. An email of all accepted items will be sent to the consignor once they are processed to sell. Kelly's Kloset also offers a concierge service within a 25 mile radius for pick-up
of consignments. Please call for details.

Kelly's Kloset will properly display your items for a ninety (90) day period and the consignor will receive 40% of the rack price.
 Checks will be mailed around the 15th of each month ONLY for accounts of $50.00 or more. (unless store credit is noted) Or, if you wish, you may use store credit for shopping, and receive an additional 10% off your purchase, or may collect cash for accounts of $20.00 or less at anytime we are open. 

After the expiration of the ninety (90) day period, unsold items will become the property of Kelly's Kloset and will be eligible for donation to a charity that Kelly's Kloset supports. (with the exception of high-end designer items, which will be returned to the consignor if requested, at time of appointment or drop-off). You may request a tax receipt for items that were left unsold.



spring/summer/transitional accepted February 1st - July 1st

light fall/transitional accepted August 15th

​winter items/coats/transitional accepted October 1st - January 1st

Kelly's Kloset prefers designer and better label apparel

which needs to be in flawless condition.

Kelly's Kloset will accept other labels as long as they meet the following criteria: